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The Dream Team of Al Ru Farm - Garden and Barn Wedding Venue in the Adelaide hills.

Updated: Apr 3

It is so important to have a well rounded wedding venue team working hard to orchestrate perfection for your special day. Taking care of any contingencies that might occur, we are that team.

Ruth and Alan aren't just the owners; they're the very ethos behind Al Ru and its brand. Their vision guides every decision made, from the organic olive grove to the Charolais Cows in the paddock and the small heard of happy sheep keeping the grass down around the homestead. Even our flock of Guinea Fowl play a role in keeping the snakes away from the garden.

With a small but mighty team, we bring your wedding day vision to life. It's truly awe-inspiring to witness the dedication poured into this farm year-round but about making the gardens more and more beautiful every season; this is the passion behind the scenes. Constant tweaking and major reworking of the 5 hectares of gardens make them the best we can for your dream day.

Ruth and Dr Alan Irving - Owners/Custodians

At the heart of Al Ru Farm's story are its founders, Ruth and Dr Alan Irving. In 1979, they embarked on a journey that would transform a modest home on cleared pasture land into a South Australian landmark. Alan is a veterinary surgeon and a love for animals and Ruth was a renowned Antiques dealer. Al Ru is nestled between the Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills, just 40 minutes from the CBD. Al Ru Farm is surrounded by ten acres of sprawling romantic gardens that bear the imprint of Ruth's visionary touch. What began as a personal passion project has blossomed into a haven for weddings and events, with the first wedding held on the property in 1990. Over the years, Ruth and Alan have expanded Al Ru Farm's offerings, including establishing 'The Barn' as the main indoor reception space and the addition of further event venues. As the custodians of Al Ru Farm, Ruth and Alan delight in sharing its magic with guests from all walks of life – whether they're holidaymakers, partygoers, food enthusiasts, or garden lovers. Their warm hospitality invites you to experience the outdoor garden wedding venue Al Ru Farm firsthand.

Ruby - Resident Pup

And who's the lovable, furry guardian of this green sanctuary? Meet Ruby, the playful English Mastiff who adds her own charm to the scenery, exploring every nook and cranny with boundless curiosity and affection.

Joining a long line of English Mastiffs, making her the seventh dog to have the prestigious duty of Al Ru Farm's 'meeter and greeter'! She is apricot in coat colour, a divergence from the normal brindle typical at Al Ru Farm. She is active and is learning the joys of farm life.

Sally Sumner - Manager / Resident Photographer

As the manager behind Al Ru Farm's seamless operations, Sally brings a wealth of event management experience to ensure the smooth running of the venue. With a background in photography and a proven track record of managing large teams, Sally oversees many aspects of the farm, from upholding the brand's integrity to orchestrating events.

Trust in Sally's expertise and leadership to ensure that your visit to one of Adelaide's premier wedding venues is memorable for all the right reasons.

Sally's favorite part of her role is: "I love leading an event team in the beautiful Adelaide hills; every day in the office feels like I just stepped into the south of France"

Holly Doecke - Event Coordinator / Content Creator

Holly is our vibrant events coordinator and social media manger. Holly's passion and creativity is what drives her meticulous attention to detail to ensure your day is picture perfect.

With a wealth of experience in event planning and execution, Holly takes pride in curating bespoke wedding ceremony's and events tailored to your unique vision. From the initial consultation to the final farewell, Holly is with you every step of the way. Working tirelessly to ensure that every moment exceeds your expectations. With Holly at the helm, you can rest assured that your event at Al Ru Farm will be memorable from the start to when you depart. Holly's favorite part of her role is: "I find immense joy in playing a pivotal role in bringing your creative vision to life, meticulously coordinating every detail along the way. There's nothing quite like the thrill of stepping back on the day and witnessing the magic unfold on the day."

Kelsey Brazier - Event Assistant

Meet Kelsey, the dependable cornerstone of our team at Al Ru Farm. With a passion for bringing order to chaos and a knack for ensuring every detail is just right, Kelsey plays a vital role in ensuring that your event it set up to perfection.

As our dedicated events assistant, Kelsey works behind the scenes, from setting up spaces to ensuring smooth operations on the big day.

Trust in Kelsey to bring her expertise and enthusiasm to your special day, making it truly unforgettable.

Kelsey's favorite part of her role is: "Being an Event assistant as Al Ru means that every shift is different. We recreate and adapt the gardens and our venue spaces to create each couples vision, it is so unique and fun to see it come to life"

Lisa Smith - Housekeeper

Meet Lisa, the dedicated keeper of Al Ru Farm's accommodations and the unsung hero of post-wedding cleanup.

With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for ensuring every space is immaculate, Lisa goes above and beyond to maintain the pristine condition of our accommodations.

From meticulously cleaning and preparing guest rooms to orchestrating the seamless pack-down process after weddings,

Lisa's favorite part of her role: "I take great pride in knowing that my efforts in cleaning play a meaningful role in making your special day truly shine. It's incredibly rewarding to present rooms and wedding spaces that exude a sense of luxury and elegance, ensuring every moment is celebrated in style."

The Steves - Grounds Keepers

Meet the Steve's, an integral part of our Al Ru Farm family. While they prefer to stay out of the limelight, their contributions are indispensable to the beauty and functionality of our property. As a father-and-son duo, they bring decades of expertise to their roles as groundskeepers. Their dedication to maintaining the beauty and functionality of our property is unmatched. With a wealth of knowledge and a tireless work ethic, the Steves ensure that every corner of our venue exudes its natural charm. While they prefer to work behind the scenes, their impact is felt in every aspect of the Al Ru Farm experience, making them invaluable members of our team.

Ġinenne - Gardener

Now, let's introduce you to Ġinenne, our talented gardener; having an Adelaide Hills Garden wedding venue means we need a brilliant Gardener to go with it. With her passion for horticulture and her keen eye for design, Ġinenne is the force behind our stunning locations for your next outdoor wedding ceremony.

Collaborating closely with Ruth, she envisions and brings to life the future of Al Ru Farm's gardens. From cultivating vibrant blooms to sculpting tranquil pathways, Ġinenne is often in our nursery potting, planting and growing new seasonal garden delights. Her dedication ensures that our grounds are a sight to behold year-round. You should see our garden in spring. While her work may go unseen by many, its beauty is felt by all who visit, making Ġinenne an essential part of the Al Ru Farm experience.

Sandi - Accountant

Meet Sandi, our meticulous and numbers-savvy accountant here at Al Ru Farm. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision, Sandi ensures that our financial affairs are in perfect order. Her expertise and dedication keep our books balanced and our operations running smoothly, allowing us to focus on creating unforgettable experiences for our guests. Behind the scenes, Sandi plays a crucial role in supporting our team and upholding the financial integrity of our venue. We're grateful for her diligent work and invaluable contributions to the success of Al Ru Farm.

Sandi's favorite part of her role: "I love being in the environment, every time I drive down the driveway I am still in owe of the surroundings; it totally does not feel like a typical workplace"

At Al Ru Farm, our team is like a big family, each member bringing something special to the table. From Ruth and Alan who started it all, to the folks who keep the grounds looking beautiful, and the friendly faces in the office who make sure everything runs smoothly – we all work together to ensure your experience with us is top-notch. Every person in our Wedding venue team here plays a big part in making Al Ru Farm feel like home for all our guests.

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