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SALA - Little Creatures


JamFactory friends and associates reflect on the contemporary context for the garden gnome in an outdoor exhibition at the gardens of ALRU Farm.


The history of garden gnomes can be traced back to Germany's Black Forest region in the early 19th century, when gnomes statues, first carved from wood and later sculpted from clay, were placed in gardens to bring about good fortune and a bountiful harvest. They have since evolved into the realm of whimsical, funny, kitsch and controversial.

Within the beautiful gardens of Al Ru farm, artists will reinterpret the garden gnome as a piece of small sculpture. They will explore the archetype; from minimal formal approaches, to whimsical and playful expressions, to the Australian context. The gnomes will be placed around the garden and marked on a printed map, which is be given to visitors on arrival to the exhibition.


This is a family friendly event, and we invite viewers to come and discover the artworks in an unstructured and non-traditional way as they explore the grounds.

Artist names:

  • Aimee Bradley

  • Alexandra Hirst

  • Menna McAlpin

  • Tom Moore

  • Alex Rowan

  • Bridget Saville

  • Lotte Schwerdtfeger

  • Drew Spangenberg

  • James Walker

  • Emma Young

  • Duncan Young

    Event Details:

  • Exhibition // 4th - 10th August 10:00 am - 04:00 pm

  • Little Talks // Exhibition opening at Al Ru Farm

    • Activity: Artist Talk

    • Date/Time: 2024-08-03 13:00:00

    • Details: Free

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